Internet of Things

How Will The “Internet of things” improve health?

One of the applications of interest, travel and importance of the phenomenon “internet of things”, for society, is seeking to improve the health of people. Being connected to certain “wearables” provide a longer life expectancy thanks […]

Internet of Things

IoT: The internet of smart villages

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating its buzz all over the world with companies and researchers predicting billions of devices to be connected by 2020. Programs like Digital India and the Smart Cities Mission show that India […]

Internet of Things

Stop chasing the false gods of IoT metrics

In other words, the cost of connected devices should easily pay for the value delivered by such connectivity. On which metrics should a startup (or an investor – or maybe even a customer choosing between […]

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Poorly Working Things

In the mythical Land of Theory, where everything ‘just works’, we can connect all the objects in our lives. We have the sensors, the wireless networks, and the computing power, but progress is slow if […]