3D Printing

3D-printed map from the original Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was the pinnacle of 1980s console games. Its sprawling levels spanned multiple regions and included desert, wetlands, and tree-lined forests. For the time, it was a massive map and an impressive […]

3D Printing Stories
3D Printing

3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week

3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week — December 10, 2016On this week’s edition of “The Stories We Missed,” we’ve got a whole collection of news from across the entire 3D printing industry. 3D […]

3D Printing

Micron3DP & MIT 3D printing in molten glass

Competition to produce the most effective method of 3D glass printing is running high as Israeli Micron3DP announce plans to deliver its 3D printer for alpha testing at the end of 2017. Micron3DP & MIT […]

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